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It was around the turn of the century . . . or so it seemed, historically considered to be a relatively peaceful time in man's tumultuous history, a period of no wars and little strife, a time when people could take a deep breath and exclaim, "How good it is to be alive!"

We were young, of no particular age, just young, and yet old, not in the sense of deterioration but wisdom. Old and young at the same time . . . how strange, yet wonderful, still somehow, it felt natural like falling off a log, as if acquired through countless ages.

We lived in a community called Lifelong. Some "old-timers" would at times call it "Ashland" and even claimed at one time it was in which case most who were "newcomers" would smile respectfully and nod. Lifelong was a town neither large nor small, actually just right. It had many of the faces of the "Big Places", outdoor theaters, quaint shops and an especially beautiful park, yet still retained the "feel" and ambiance of an agrarian village, after all, the surrounding area consisted of vast stretches of pasture and vineyards. To the north, steeply rose rolling hills. Southward rising rapidly were densely forested mountains called the See-Can't-Yous, claimed by some to have magical powers. The openness of the hills and alleys allowed plenty of space for the youth and the young at heart to roam and use their imaginations for wholesome explorations and "wisdom gathering."

Transportation in Lifelong was primarily by "Hicycle", heavier luggage being transported by more elaborate versions of the same. The broad sidewalks gaily lined with flowers and a variety of shade trees, allowed plenty of room for walking. People would casually browse about the open markets for crafts, fresh fruits or simply stroll through enjoying the natural serenity and beauty of the nearby park.

From time to time townsfolk gathered to join in special festivities. Music, dancing and storytelling filled the air with laughter and an ambiance of respect and carefree. Lifelong as you can see, was a healthy, happy place in which to live, but it is said that it was not always this way. Legend tells of how Lifelong at one time and the world around it, had become very unhappy indeed. As the the apathy and sadness grew darker, more and more people living in the town then known as Ashland, wanted to use its magical treasures for their own purposes so they could sell, and more and more ... always more.

Large corporate like businesses began buying most of the property, driving up taxes and forcing the smaller shops to move out. The streets all began "feeling" the same. Impersonal, lacing the old warmth and character of the former shopkeepers. Most ordinary folk soon had to move into outlying communities and commute. Soon, only the well-to-do could afford to live in Ashland. Young people were becoming disrespectful, even destructive. Many new ordinances and restrictions were enacted to maintain order and protect business. Soon people began to become unhealthy and not live so long. People began to become so self-centered they no longer wanted to do anything unless they directly profited by it. Finally, things became so bad people couldn't stand it anymore.

From the Harbors of Light Collection: Inspirational writings, short stories, literature,
poetry and prose from Brad Kalita, founder of Gathering Light ... a retreat.


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